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which model kiddo?

We have several sophisticated basic models. Select your Kiddo from the list below:

Kiddo Space

With our Space, the great adventure of exploiring a new world can start today! The Kiddo Space is a lightweight wheelchair for active kids. The ideal children's wheelchair for the early childhood (starts from 12-15 months), which is manufactored and adapted to the user. The wheelchair grows with the child and is adjustable in width, depth and height. Very light in weight (from 7 kg - including wheels), but retaining the familar Veldink4kids quality. An innovative childrens's wheelchair with a contemporary design that is highly manouvrable thanks to its compact desing and is especially light driving. The chair is designed so that the child is optimally supported. Perfect adjustment to each user's therapeutic and physical demands.

Maximum user weight is 50kg. The Kiddo Space is tested and approved in accordance with the European standard: NEN-EN 12183 crash-tested conform ISO 7176-19. (TÜV Rheinland).

  • Activity wheelchair for early childhood rehab!
  • Growth adjustable in 3 directions!
  • Lightweight wheelchair (from7kg) and especially light driven.
  • Compact design for smooth handling and highest stability.
  • Rigid frame, frame sizes from 16cm to 32cm seat width.
  • Technical specifications

Space Images - First impression!

Discover the many possibilities of the Space

The Kiddo Space is always manufactured to the measurements of the child. 100% designed and made in Holland. An optimal seating position for every child and a good functionality of the wheelchair is one of the most important tasks for Veldink4kids. The wheelchair is designed so that your child is optimally supported. Besides the possibility of special modifications, there is a wide range of options and accessories available. Through our years of experience as a specialist manufacturer in the field of manual wheelchairs for children we can meet almost all your needs for additional adjustments. Together with parents, therapists and consultants, we realize the most optimal solution.

  • Individuality! Distinguish yourself. Create your own 'Kiddo Space' to your own style, combine up to 2 frame colors.
  • Custom > Spokeprotectors, Make your wheelchair look amazing & personal to you!
  • See our available colours. Or choose your own!
  • Ask for a digital image of your own Kiddo Space and share it with your friends on social media.  
  • Make your wheelchair even more personal! Personalize your wheelchair with your name or text or design of your choice (printed on the back of the chair).

the base

Wheels & hoops
Back rest
  • The rigid frame of the Kiddo Space is made of High quality aluminum. So we give a 5 year warranty in case of frame breakage. The wheelchairs side shields work as clothing protectors and also ensure the correct positioning of the user. Tyre brakes with brakes integrated into mudguards for easy access (with optional lock) or attendent controlled option. The kiddo Space is always equipped with a robust solid footplate which is part of the frame. Our swiveling anti-tippers prevent the wheelchair from tipping over backwards. For removable push handles and other accessories look in the sub-section "accessories & options' of the Kiddo Space. 

  • Rear wheels & Hoops:
    Choice of 20,22 or 24" rear wheels with black tyres and quick release axles. Available as standard (air tyres Schwalbe rightrun) or  leakproof tyres or outdoor models. Tyre brakes with brakes integrated into mudguards for easy access (with optional lock) or attendent controlled option. Our rear wheels are standard fitted with aluminum hoops. We can equip the wheelchair with standard hoops with a spacer to the rim. Can also be fitted with tetra controls knobs.


    Wiel space

    Ergogrip hoops?

    Of course, if desired, we can replace the standard hoops with the 
    Veldink4kids Ergo Grip hoops. The ergo Grip is adapted to the natural shap of the hand and is made of comfortable PU material wich is softer, better non-slip and heat insulating. This offers extra comfort for the user. However, these hoops are heavier and therefore they increase the total weight of the wheelchair.



  • Standard an anatomical seat!

    An optimal seating support for each child is differently. For that reason there is a wide choice of options and configurations. Possibly expanded with additional seating and body support accessories. By default, the seat cushion and back cushion are provided with a 2-layer foam system for optimum pressure distribution and comfort. Upholstered with breathable fabric (black spacermesh finisched with Cordura edges.

    Kiddo Space Up zitting 1

  • Space back rest:

    For the correct positioning and optimal support is a perfect back rest of great importance. The one piece back cushion is anatomically shaped.

    Standard upholstered with breathable fabric (black spacermesh finished with Cordura edges). 

    Kiddo Space Up 1

    Optionally, the back cushion can also be provided with increased lateral support 'deep contour back cushion', if more stability is desired (integrated in the pillow). Also thoraric siede supports can be assembled to the aluminum backrest-plate (height and depth adjustable).  

    Kiddo Up back cushions

Look for other Accessories such as headrests, trays, printed spoke protectors, wheelchair positioning means, etc. at the menu item at the top.


Veldink4kids is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing modern contemporary wheelchairs for children.

'MADE IN HOLLAND' whereby the wishes and requirements of children are always central!

Experience It Yourself

Frame Colors

The frame can be carried out in the following standard colors. Is your color not listed then you can specify the desired RAL color to us. Furthermore, it is also possible  to choose for a matte color (very popular at the moment).

Look for design spoke protectors under the menu 'SPOKE PROTECTORS'. There can be choosen from a wide range of designs. It is also possible to provide your own image. Veldink4kids Team

Kleurenkaart Engels




The Kiddo Classic, Tilt and Xperienz can be provided with a Tarta back by a unique connection! 

Tarta rug met adapter


Brake control user / attandant

Besides the standard version for the user to operate the drumbrake can be chosen for different options. Foot or hand opperated by user or/and attendant.

  • Attendant foot opperated brake (no user brake lever).
  • User and Attendant hand operated brake.
  • Attendant foot- and user hand opperated brake.

Classic Voetrem en handrem


Specifications Kiddo Space

 Space tech ENG 


Specifications Kiddo Xperienz

  Technische gegevens Classic



Specifications Kiddo Classic 

Classic tech ENG


All our wheelchairs can be provided with a Pelvi-loc. The pelvic pads are 3 - dimensional shape, for optimum fixation of the pelvis without pressure on the spine anterior superior. Formed shape with ultra thin end at the moulded seat fixing point to avoid lateral pressure marks at the pelvis. Prevents lateral pressure points on the pelvis. The ratchet will run in addition to a strap to prevent injuries.





 Specifications Kiddo Tilt

  Tilt tech ENG



Push bar (removable)

The Robust push bar is easy to set up for the attendant ergonomically correct height. You turn the lock cam loose and sets the correct height, then tighten the lock cam again. The pushing section (push handle) for the hands is made of comfortable PU material. There are two options here, a fixed push handle and a angle adjustable push handle. Also the entire back unit including backrest / headrest and handle can be made quick release removable (as an option). 

Push bar with fixed push handle (height adjustable)

Duwbeugel Kiddo ENG

Push bar with angle adjustable push handle (height adjustable)

Kiddo hoekverstelbare duwgreep EN



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