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Mud Cruiser

Forget staying home on those rainy days.... Together through the mud and enjoy it! Which is now very easy with our new 'Mud Cruiser'. Our new handy outdoor wheel system for your Kiddo. Just clamp the Mud Cruiser (without tools) in a few seconds on the front wheels of your wheelchair and off you go! Be with nature, go wild. This outdoor wheel system is easily adjustable in width and therefore grows with the chair. So many years of enjoyment.

Pay attention! The Mud Cruiser is only avilable for our 4-wheel Kiddo models. Moreover, in case of abnormal (specials) frame models, the mud cruiser can't always be assembled. This is i.a. the case with the so-called splayed seat frame option (Kiddo Classic). Please ask us about the possibilities in the case of frame specials.

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  • Very easy to connect or to disconnect.
  • Grows with the width of the wheelchair! So many years of fun.
  • Download the 'Mud Cruiser Orderform' manual here.
  • Download the 'Mud-Cruiser Quick start' manual here for mounting instructions!
  • All-aluminum! Strong, robust and sturdy design. Available ony in Black!


Wanna go for a walk!

The great outdoors, walk or jog is much easier with the mud Cruiser. Ideal for driving over difficult terrain such as grass, heather, forest and snow. In short, a real asset to the use of your Kiddo. 

  Images - Mud Cruiser

  • How to measure the right size Mud Cruiser for your own Kiddo-wheelchair? Mud Cruiser headset width 01

Veldink4kids steht für perfekte Rollstühle, die Ihr KIND als Ausgangspunkt haben!

Jederzeit Maßarbeit und alle unsere Grundmodell können mit einer großen Anzahl von Zubehören und Optionen ausgestattet werden. Versehen mit Ihrer eigenen, persönlichen Note.

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