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Electric wheels provide motion-support: A wheelchair provides freedom of movement and promotes activity. However, even with fine technical tuning, users are often unable to move themselves around using their own strength. Slopes, kerbs, speed bumps often form insurmountable obstacles. Also wheelchair users with limited hand strength can move around independently using electric wheels. Children are given the opportunity to be mobile and to train their vital functions. The load on muscles and joints is minimal, making it very easy to drive with the seat and increase your range. This option is a major contributor to everyone's independency and has several therapeutic benefits.

Veldink4kids works with a lot of different suppliers. Below is a list of the most widely used systems that can be built on almost all of our Kiddo models. Pay attention! Not all electric wheels are available in all inch sizes (see table (PDF) for available inch sizes per model/brand). By using the electric wheels, our standard drum brakes will expire. Tire brakes will be replaced. Together with the electric wheels we often deliver a extra pair, so-called transport wheels (usual rear wheels). If desired, the usual rear wheels and the electric wheels can be easily interchanged with each other. For more specific information by brand, refer to the supplier's website

V4K Electrical wheels website1

Veldink4kids steht für perfekte Rollstühle, die Ihr KIND als Ausgangspunkt haben!

Jederzeit Maßarbeit und alle unsere Grundmodell können mit einer großen Anzahl von Zubehören und Optionen ausgestattet werden. Versehen mit Ihrer eigenen, persönlichen Note.

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